The Jugend Fussball Leistungszentrum in Taschkent has been established in April 2017 and aimed to develop children's football in line with German football traditions. The school works under European standards. It focuses on teaching English and German to children with emphasis on football. Well-qualified methodologists also help schoolchildren to acquire school lessons. The future goal of our school is to train players in the top five (Germany, England, Spain, Italy, and France) in Europe for a decade.
In October, new groups of children and girls between the ages of 5 and 10 will be formed. There are 15 training sessions in each group. At our school, there is also water courses for children.
Twice  in a year, our coaches will be trained by our German partner - Jugend Fussball Leistungszentrum in Schlotheim. In addition, German coaches also visit our school twice a year and examine the pupils. The most talented children will be trained in Germany at the expense of Jugend Fussball Leistungszentrum in Schlotheim.




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Address: NBU Stadium (Start)
Office: Tashkent, st. Babur 40b
Contact phone: +99890 9999890, +998 95 1959890

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Tashkent, Uzbekistan, Babur street, 40b
Phone: +99871 268 94 38
Phone: +99895 195 98 90
Phone: +99890 999 98 90